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18 - 20 May, 2021

Online (SGT)

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Retailers Disscuss: Will E-Commerce take over Physical Retail Shopping?


In collaboration with eTail Asia, Parcel monitor had a chat with Satyaki, the Chief Operations Officer of Luxasia, the leading omnichannel partner for luxury and beauty brands such as Bvlgari, SK-II, and La Prairie. Tune in , as they discuss some of the key changes, challenges, and successes Luxasia had during 2020.

How to use live streaming to build your brand and increase sales w/ Flora Hu


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Flora Hu, Head of eCommerce, Asia, at Carlsberg Group - One of the leading brewery groups in the world, with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. They get into eCommerce livestreaming in Asia – where we are now, why a lot of it is currently boring but has a huge potential, how to use it to bring out stories, values and bridge poverty gaps, top tips, what to watch out for and how to execute in the right way.

Should brands play it safe in 2021

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

During the pandemic, marketers scrambled to get creative by taking risks and trying new things to get the attention of consumers. Some shifted marketing strategies to address new consumer shopping habits and experimented with different channels and tools to engage consumers – integrating their brands to become a part of the consumers’ lives. These creative marketing approaches will remain a main driver of change, and potentially new opportunity through 2021 and the best strategies will become consistent. In this interview, we speak with Michael Ryan Chan, Managing Partner at Evye LLP to find out if this is the right time for brands to rescale and reinvent.

Mapping out the hottest retail investments - eTail VC Fireside Chat


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy presents a Fireside Chat from the eTail Asia Virtual Week. The VC panel is moderated by Jason Titman , Director at integr8 Investment Group and he is joined by Reina Nakamura, General Partner at Lyra Ventures and Alan Hellawell, Partner at Alpha JWC Ventures.

10 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies and Tactics for 2021


Ecommerce marketing strategies are your power to compete in the fierce competition. It is fierce because the online side of life is getting pretty popular day by day. In a world, embracing the digital transformation increasingly, consumers also choose e-commerce for shopping. Here are 10 of them that will help you build a stronger business in 2021. To learn more, you can train yourself through e-commerce marketing courses.

Parcel Monitor: State of E-Commerce in Singapore 2020


Parcel Monitor took a deeper look at the growth of e-commerce in Singapore from 2019 to 2020. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting insights!  Expect to learn more about Singapore’s e-commerce growth and progression in 2020.

Luxury shopping & digital transformation in a post Covid world w/ Mazen Kurdy


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Mazen Kurdy, Founder/CEO, - An online marketplace for contemporary luxury brands from the best boutiques around the world. They get into customer behavior and how are shoppers reacting to the “new normal”, new trends based on changing consumer behaviour, China as the key driver for growth, getting to the checkout, redefining the boutique experience and how to use your brand to inspire in the digital world.

How to eliminate technology distractions and simplify your leadership w/ Laura L. Bernhard


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Laura L. Bernhard, Founder and Host of the Marketing Bound Podcast and Inbound and Marketing Strategist at Vector Networks. They get into why entrepreneurs get consumed by technology, the importance of being lean, how to automate process, optimising your social media strategy, why podcasting is such an important channel and how to get the most out of it (even if you have no money) and why you will never be able to lead others if you can't lead yourself.

The Evolution of Digital Payments in Asia


Even before the pandemic, cash payments were declining in popularity, but that trend has only accelerated in the wake of COVID-19. Many stores now request that customers pay using alternative methods where possible, as cash is a notorious vector for bacterial and viral transmission. This is not to mention the increase in online shopping due to lockdowns and vulnerable people needing to shield from the virus.

The Rise Of Social Commerce And Changing Patterns Of Social Behaviour


2020 was a year of significant growth in social commerce. According to research conducted last year by Global Web Index (worldwide), Pew Internet Surveys (US), and OfCom (UK), more than half of the world’s population now uses social media. These users are currently spending 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on average, spanning multiple platforms across a typical average of 8 social networks and messaging apps. Active social media penetration reaches 63% of the populace in Eastern Asia, and 56% in Western Asia. 

Why (and where) you should incubate your tech startup w/ Dom Einhorn


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Dom Einhorn, Founder/CEO, Uniqorn Incubator - The world's largest rural incubator-accelerator. They get into why lone-wolf tech ventures rarely succeed, Crawl, Walk, Run - the early stages of incubation, why today you can thrive from anywhere (the future isn't Silicon Valley), the best ecosystems in which to launch your startup and the new meaning of "billionaire".

The Future of Social Interactions?

By: Smriti Modi

Why is everyone including Elon Musk joining Clubhouse? Clubhouse describes itself as a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. The features of Clubhouse suggest that it is the next-big-thing, moving in the direction in which our social interactions are heading. 

B2B eCommerce Leaders: How to build a winning team w/ Farrukh Shad


In this episode of the B2B ecommerce Leaders series Danny talks to Farrukh Shad, Senior Vice President, Head of Global eCommerce at Schneider Electric. They discuss the key attributes you should look for when hiring, recruiting from outside vs. developing from within, bridging the gap between different generations, challenging and retaining your best people and the one thing you should stop doing and start doing when it comes to your people.

Here’s How ZALORA Is Meeting The Challenges Of Technology Selection And The Seasonal Shopping Festivals


Readiness for events such as the double digits festivals require retailers to be at the top of their game -- in terms of market awareness, organisational agility, their responsiveness to consumers, and the performance of their IT infrastructure and data analytics capabilities. During the course of a full and frank discussion with WBR Insights and BRAZE, Zhiliang Li, Head of CRM at ZALORA Group, outlined how his organisation responds to meeting these challenges, and the approach they adopt in selecting the components of their technology stack, and in crafting their strategies for technology implementation.

The Benefits of Storytelling in E-commerce

By: Gizem Tas

Managing a successful e-commerce process requires more than a remarkable website or platform. You need to provide an attractive product or service display and use various e-commerce marketing tactics to distinguish your brand in the marketplace. Storytelling in e-commerce is one of the most effective strategies that will boost your sales and brand value. Here's why.

Lessons From A Digital First Business


To communicate any message, you first need attention. But our noisy digital landscape is saturated with brand messages, and many struggle to get their content seen. For some lessons straight from a digital first business, Danny speaks to Brian Choo, Founder, Managing Director at, a hyper-local lifestyle publication that reaches over half the Singapore population monthly.

Embracing Business Resilience in Challenging Times


Four representatives of the industry recently met to discuss the challenges faced by the retail industry and how their companies are embracing business resilience in these trying times. Moderated by a independent digital commerce consultant, Stewart Hunter, the panel consisted of Pranay Mehra, Vice President, Digital & eCommerce Asia Pacific, Shiseido Group, Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer, Luxasia, Darren Gunton, GM Marketing, Total Tools, Clare Chan, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Her Velvet Vase.

Pivoting with Purpose - Build Reputation and Grow Loyalty Over the Long-Term


COVID-19 has completely changed the world and the future is unpredictable. Companies of all sizes are looking for advice and direction with how to move forward in such an ambiguous environment. It’s this consideration which brought together representatives from major retail organizations to discuss how to “pivot with purpose” in the world of coronavirus, during the eTail Asia & ANZ Summit that took place in a virtual setting.

How to create a culture of world class execution


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership, Danny Levy talks with Ben Flintoff, General Manager at Baskin-Robbins Australia. Ben shares how to create a culture of world class execution in order to future proof your business. He pioneered ice cream delivery and created a new category in the process. Seemed crazy at that time, until Ben cracked the reason behind why they were doing it.

How Vestiaire Collective is riding the resale wave in a pandemic

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

In luxury fashion, distinctive styles are categorized through a medley of social status, personal preference, longevity and value. As we move along the 21st century, buying and selling of preowned luxury goods is gaining immense popularity, shaking off any negative connotations often associated with ‘second-hand goods. Pierre Everling, Chief Regional Officer, APAC, Vestiaire Collective shares his thoughts on why second hand luxury is steadily gathering pace and growing in popularity.

The future is interactive video commerce w/ Felix Leong


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership, Danny Levy talks to Felix Leong, Director of Sales (South Asia) at Vonage. They get into interactive video commerce and discuss three key points that will help you bring it successfully into your organisation. The retail experience, how to leverage AR/VR (with examples of how the technology is being used NOW) and how you can use it to drive revenue and growth.

How to build an analytics-driven organisation


Denis Sekic, Social Selling Consultant & Founder at talks to Anvesha Poswalia, Digital Marketing Lead from L'Oreal Professionnel, Narayan Keshavan, Head - Digital Analytics (Design Analytics) at Dell Technologies and Jitin Sharma, Global Digital Marketing Advisor from Shell. They get into how you can generate forward-looking insights that can be used to make operational, managerial and strategic decisions rather than just “rearview” descriptions of what happened.

Thriving in a large digital first organization


In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Sakhee Dheer, Head of Digital Marketing, Global Business Marketing - Asia Pacific at Facebook. They get into the unique needs of a digital marketing organisation, how to understand the pulse of your company, scaling vs. building a team and the attributes to look for and the qualities you need in a changing world.

Demystifying B2B eCommerce


In this podcast episode Danny Levy talks to Mark Sutherland the Director at Transform to Digital and the Senior Head of eCommerce at the Stone Group. They get into the key pillars for a successful B2B eCommerce, why you need to focus on the ends not the means, how CRM changes the skill-sets required for your sales team, overcoming the fear of the human factor being replaced by eCommerce, driving contractual relationships instead of individual sales and how to win long term instead of short term contracts. Mark also shares his top leadership and life/career lessons.

How Food and Beverage Establishments can Beat COVID-19

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

Like many others, the food and beverage industry is dealt a heavy blow from the implication of the pandemic. Crossing the finishing line this year is going to be a grave challenge for most establishments, yet they will have to find the silver lining to be of service during the crisis and the opportunity to make money, to at least stay open for business.

Delight Your Customers And Future-Proof Your Brand


COVID-19’s impact on customer behavior has been dramatically changed by digital engagement. Retailers that successfully integrate a first-class digital experience with the brand awareness potential offered by physical stores are set to stand out in a big way. Especially those who focus on customer experience and respond with agility and innovation in their unified commerce experience.

Agile and resilient leadership – How to develop a brilliant culture

Part Two continues Danny's conversation with Warren Hayashi, President of Adyen Asia Pacific and Jheeva Subramanian, CFO of the Singapore department store BHG. They get into how to build an A-grade and agile team, why genuine connections are so important in a time of remote working, the importance of providing real-time feedback, continuous learning and improvement, how to get your team outside of their comfort zone, the best ways to look after yourself and their top productivity hacks.

Retail digital transformation - How to delight your buyers and future proof your brand

In this special two part series, Danny Levy investigates the huge acceleration we are seeing in digital transformation for this industry. Two guests are joining him for this episode: Warren Hayashi, President of Adyen Asia Pacific and Jheeva Subramanian, CFO of the Singapore department store BHG.

How Superdry is nailing their Customer Experience during COVID-19

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

“Loyalty is tough to build, but easy to destroy”. Good customer service/experience is a cornerstone of every business and a key brand differentiator to keep customers. We had a quick chat with Brendan Gillen, eCommerce Head at Superdry to discuss about how Superdry is nailing its customer experience in such unprecedented times.

The Coming AI Revolution with Kshira Saagar, Director of Data Science & Analytics, Global Fashion Group & The Iconic

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

The adoption Artificial Intelligence (AI) has well underway before the pandemic outbreak; being developed continuously and integrated into strategies as companies shift their focus to recovery. This week, I managed to catch Kshira Saagar, Director of Data Science & Analytics, Global Fashion Group & The Iconic to find out more about how AI is going to revolutionize the retail space in future.

How Pomelo Fashion Facilitates Guidelines during COVID-19

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

In this week’s feature, I spoke with Anders Heikenfeldt, Chief Retail Officer of Pomelo Fashion. He shares on how physical stores can get social distancing right when they reopen and about the importance of communicating the most up to date accurate information to customers in times of crisis.

Behind The Curtain: The Adorn Cosmetics Story (Part 1)

This special two-part series is joined by Adorn Cosmetics CEO Briony Kennedy, a Melbourne based business woman, passionate environmental advocate, former model & beauty industry veteran.

In part 1 you'll hear about Briony's own podcasting journey, her entrepreneurial spirit, the inspiration for starting Adorn Cosmetics, the early days, challenges faced, and what went wrong.

Behind The Curtain: The Adorn Cosmetics Story (Part 2)

Part two of this series with Adorn Cosmetics CEO Briony Kennedy goes deep into the now - how Covid-19 has had its impact on the business. Briony talks about the need to adapt marketing strategies, social media do's and don'ts, and also closes with an outlook of digital marketing going forward. 

How brands can position themselves and communicate during COVID-19

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

The past couple of weeks have been rough; our inboxes, text messages, television advertisements etc. have been flooded with news about COVID-19 and navigating through this crisis. It can all be a bit overwhelming to get your message across effectively and appropriately and on the receiving end, hardly digestible. This week in my chat with Michael Ryan Chan, Managing Partner, Evye LLP, we discuss how brands can position their messaging during COVID-19.

An inside look at outland denim and its founder James Bartle

This week's eTail Digital Transformation & Leadership podcast will feature James Bartle, the CEO at Outland Denim - the world’s most humanitarian denim. We spoke with James as he shares how the 2009 movie Taken inspired him to join the fight against human trafficking in Asia. We'll also be discussing all things digital, what it takes to be a successful leader, and the impact COVID-19 is having on retail across SE Asia.

Crystal-balling the Next Wave in Retail with Sharon Gai,Global Director Market Places of Alibaba Group

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

In the wake of COVID-19, non-essential brick and mortar retail have been forced to shut their doors and those in operation are to adhere to mandatory social distancing measures and various health and safety guideline. Laura Anne Danaraj spoke to Sharon Gai, Global Director Market Places, Alibaba Group, to find out what she thinks this will all lead to once all is said and done. Will eCommerce become the new norm for shopping, and how will consumer preferences change?

An Inside Look at Love, Bonito with the Chief Commercial Officer Dione Song

Today we kick of our series with Love, Bonito. A brand that shed its former blog shop image and is now a 200-strong regional business.Together with the team, Dione has transformed the company and positioned it for broad global expansion. On this episode we'll hear from Dione on what the journey to build the Asian female brand of the future been like so far and a whole lot more.

3 Major Changes in the Luxury Market due to COVID-19

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

In the second part of eTail’s special series on Luxury Retail in Coping with COVID-19, I spoke with Maria Graefin von Scheel-Plessen, Global Media Manager from Germany luxury brand Montblanc, who’s dedicated to transforming the luxury maison digitally.

Will eCommerce platform BlinQ be able to save luxury retail?

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

In the first part of eTail’s special series on Luxury Retail in Coping with COVID-19, we speak with Bob Chua, Founder and CEO of luxury fashion online marketplace BlinQ, a leading FashionTech enabler in the AR and eCommerce space, focused on the Southeast Asian markets.

Retail in APAC during COVID-19

Danny Levy, Managing Director eTail, shares his views on the impact that COVID-19 has brought to the various verticals within Asia's retail industry.

The Outlook For Martech In 2020

Today’s martech stacks include core technology platforms essential to a marketer’s day-to-day operations, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems, with additional tools for email marketing, online or offline advertising, and the like.

Mastering Cross-border eCommerce

To survive in a global marketplace, it’s no longer enough to simply sell in your home country. Cross-border trade as a revenue stream is being facilitated through advances in eCommerce and the breaking down of international barriers - and it’s a sector of the retail industry that’s growing.

*NEW* The Future Of Personalisation In Retail - Predictions And Tips For Online And Offline

The trend for personalisation in retail continues with much hype, but limited success - at least, in the eyes of consumers.

*NEW* Experience Driven Retail – Maximising In-Store Experiences

As the retail sector becomes increasingly reliant on eCommerce, providing the best possible experience for consumers - both online and in-store - will be a key differentiator between successful brands, and the competitors they leave behind.

*NEW* The Power Of Data Science And Predictive Analytics

Using data science and predictive analytics, retailers can find proactive methods of harnessing new and extensive data sources in innovative ways.

How Sandvik Overcame the Challenges of Becoming an Ecommerce Business and Improved Links with Customers and Suppliers, Bringing Considerable Cost Savings

Sandvik is an online tools company which has undergone a massive change in the digital age and is having to adapt to stay relevant in its field. Engineering and technology are continuously challenging our perception of what is achievable

Standing out in the retail fashion industry with Love, Bonito

By: Laura Anne Danaraj

Love, Bonito, gives us an exclusive interview on the success of its eCommerce business in the times of transformative digitalization. Read on to find out more

Here’s How Baskin Robbins is Using Digital Technology to Connect with Its Customers

Baskin Robbins has always taken a product focused approach to its marketing but has recently changed that ethos in response to the changing habits of its customers.

Here’s How Tmall Became a Dominant Force in the Asian Ecommerce Market

When B2B retail giant Alibaba decided to launch Tmall – an ecommerce platform designed to help local and international businesses sell brand name goods to mainland Chinese consumers – it’s hard to imagine that a decade later Tmall would have 500 million active users and sit as the world’s ninth most visited website.

Here’s How Saint-Gobain Achieved Success Rapidly by Optimizing Their Integration Strategy

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key in the construction industry. Its solutions can be found in everything from buildings, transportation, and infrastructure.

Case Study Interactive: Siemens Healthineers

By digitally optimizing, integrating, and simplifying business processes, Siemens Healthineers are transforming healthcare. Since 2017, the organization's Digital Ecosystem platform has been directly addressing - and meeting - many of the challenges faced by healthcare providers across the globe.

Here’s How Ingram Micro Used Digital Technologies to Understand Customer Behavior and Create a Seamless Experience

Customer experience is at the fore of many business strategies in 2019. With unprecedented competition due to the global marketplace and intense pressure from huge ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, it’s customer experience which is becoming a key brand differentiator – even among B2B companies.

Here’s How Wärtsilä Is Supporting Employees Through Its Digital Business Transformation with Digital Bootcamps and State-of-the-Art Microlearning App

Digital transformation isn't just about technology – it’s also about people. As such, what digital transformation is really about is bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change it can lead for the organization.

How Huawei is Taking on Amazon and Alibaba with Its B2B Communications Services

Cloud-based services are continuing to replace legacy IT systems during the digital transformation with some industry leaders predicting that 85% of enterprise applications will be run on cloud platforms by 2025. HUAWEI is answering this call by creating cloud and network synergy for its own B2B services.

Here’s Why You Should be Looking Towards Asia for B2B Ecommerce Growth

The Asian B2B ecommerce sector is on the rise. Recent research by Forrester has identified a predicted growth of 12.1% per annum, and a promising future for the market as we move through 2018. China stands head and shoulders above the competition, outperforming the US by nearly double.

How Shell Lubricants is Encouraging Greater B2B Collaboration with Its New Campaign

Shell Lubricants believes the key to successful operational efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership is increased industry collaboration and the harnessing of the power those relationships can yield. And it’s looking to further promote this ethos with its new B2B campaign.