An Inside Look at Love, Bonito with the Chief Commercial Officer Dione Song

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Today we kick of our series with Love, Bonito. A brand that shed its former blog shop image and is now a 200-strong regional business. Love, Bonito has built a reputation that embodies quality and individuality, rivaling international names such as Zara and H&M. Love, Bonito’s ambition is to become the Asian female brand of the future - thoughtful, considerate, truly omnichannel and a representation of ‘new female retail’. One of the key players in this story is, Dione Song, who joined the company about 3 years ago. Today they have 15 stores across the region, while also shipping internationally and continue to break new ground as a home-grown brand, both externally and internally. Together with the team, Dione has transformed the company and positioned it for broad global expansion. On this episode we'll hear from Dione on what the journey to build the Asian female brand of the future been like so far and a whole lot more.

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