Demystifying B2B eCommerce


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In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Mark Sutherland the Director at Transform to Digital and the Senior Head of eCommerce at the Stone Group. They get into the key pillars for a successful B2B eCommerce, why you need to focus on the ends not the means, how CRM changes the skill-sets required for your sales team, overcoming the fear of the human factor being replaced by eCommerce, driving contractual relationships instead of individual sales and how to win long term instead of short term contracts. Mark also shares his top leadership and life/career lessons.

Mark is a client-focused Digital and eCommerce Director with a track record for delivering high quality, growing and profitable digital platforms. He has developed complex digital road-maps to effect change in matrix organisations across Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Experience functions. Built and delivered campaigns to drive internal and external messaging to key stakeholders with measurable results.

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