10 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies and Tactics for 2021


Ecommerce marketing strategies are your power to compete in the fierce competition. It is fierce because the online side of life is getting pretty popular day by day. In a world, embracing the digital transformation increasingly, consumers also choose e-commerce for shopping.

Considering the latest conditions of the demand and opportunities, the best option to work on efficient marketing strategies. Do not rely on the strategies only, and apply them boosting with e-commerce marketing tactics. Knowledge of the user behavior is useful for solid and fruitful amendments in the online shopping experience you provide.

Here are 10 of them that will help you build a stronger business in 2021. To learn more, you can train yourself through e-commerce marketing courses.

Be attractive on mobile

The statistics reveal that 51% of online shoppers make purchases via mobile devices more often than computers. For a long time, we are aware of the fact that people started using mobile devices much more than before. It is a very common trend shared by all countries. In 2021, put more effort to attract your target audience on mobile.

If you still don't have a mobile website, start with it. That step is a must, you cannot skip it anymore. You can also consider building a mobile app to create a better user experience on mobile.

Consider free shipping

People care a lot about the price they pay for shipping. They tend to choose a retailer that offers free shipping. Free shipping will take you one step further comparing to the competitor, which asks for payment for the delivery.

Also, the number one shopping cart abandonment reason is high price and the average shopping cart abandonment is almost 70%. Excluding shipping costs may help you offer a bit lower price.

Make paying by a credit card an option

The next e-commerce marketing tactic is expected, but it deserves to be mentioned in this list. People - most of them - prefer paying by credit card when they shop online. Also, for your own safety, it is a good option to get money as the banks are mostly paying great attention to avoid fraud.

The target audience trusts this payment method, and it is good to offer what they prefer to be chosen. Adapting the target audience's preferences is key to success in e-commerce.

Focus on a specific audience

There are over 2 billion people shopping online. That's a lot! And this number is going up constantly. It is a bit too optimistic to expect each person will be interested in your products or services. You need to define your target audience.

When you know the specific audience that is actually your potential customers, your e-commerce marketing tactics will have a better target. Also, you can benefit from the e-commerce tools better when you know who to reach.

Take the advantage of social media

Social media's impact on marketing is not questionable in the digital age. So let's adapt it well. Especially if your target group is Gen Z or Millenials, you need to pay attention to social media because they are highly influenced by social media when they make a purchase. You can inspire people to learn more about your business by creating stories that will create connections with your customers.

Considering they are a big target for all kinds of sectors, the effort and investment in social media will be fruitful. The retailers that have at least one active social media accounts make 32% more sales than the others.

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Enable purchase without creating an account

We mentioned the shopping cart abandonment rates, which are very high. In 2021, you may focus more to decrease the rates for your business while considering your e-commerce marketing strategies.

If a website requires to create an account to complete the shopping process, people are likely to abandon the card. Provide your potential customers with the option to buy without an account.

Have a good checkout design

A good checkout design has the power to increase the conversion rate up to around 35%. If you want to convert your visitors to buyers, pay great attention to the checkout experience and find a simple design.

People spend a lot of time online, but they don't want to be put effort into buying online as they choose this way because it is easier. Make people's experience effortless.

Increase the speed of your website

This is old but gold advice for successful marketing. When a website is loading slowly, people just leave the page. We live in an era when people don't have the patience to wait as there are always many alternatives. Do not lose your potential, just because of a slow website.

You can cooperate with a good web designer if you don't have enough knowledge about how to make your website faster. A small investment will bring you a lot in the long term.

Cooperate with influencers

There are people whose primary way to make life is being an influencer, and also others who influence as a result of what they already do. You can find various influencers to work with to promote your products and services. This is a professional way to boost your visibility.

Apart from visibility, they help you build trust. For this, find trustworthy influencers that influence the same target audience as your business. And a small tip for a very popular platform that is full of influencers: TikTok users can add your online store’s links in their bio.

Do your best for delivery

People are not buying even if they like the product or service in the case when the delivery date is not fitting to their expectations. Focus more on the shipping options. You can offer quick delivery at a small cost and free shipping for regular delivery. Options are usually good for the sake of offering a personal experience.

Also, you can offer different options for the delivery address. Waiting for the pack at home without knowing when it will arrive is annoying mostly. You can find other public addresses to deliver and your customer goes and pick when they are available. Sort out practical options for various cases to make your customers' lives easier.


Author: Gizem Tas

Writer, editor, and translator. Experienced in blogging for marketing, translation, localization, and foreign languages with a degree focused in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University.

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