eTail Asia 2020

04 - 06 August, 2020

Equarius Hotel - Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

eTail Asia Main Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, 6th March 2019

8:00 am - 8:40 am Conference Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:40 am - 8:45 am Welcome Address and Speed Networking

Suhana Begum, Conference Director, eTail Asia

8:45 am - 8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Mike Ghasemi, Founder & Chief Analyst at Mike Ghasemi Research

Mike Ghasemi

Founder & Chief Analyst
Mike Ghasemi Research

China’s eCommerce Explosion

8:50 am - 9:10 am Opening Keynote: China’s eCommerce juggernaut – How has Tmall (Alibaba group) grown to have more than 50% of the nation’s online retail sales?

As a Head  of Partnerships at Tmall Global, Rex  is responsible for merchant recruitment, store promotions and operations, merchant consultancy and training in Tmall Global. Rex joined Alibaba in early 2008 where he wasresponsible for online buyer services, supplier matching, and sourcing hub projects.  Being an expert in online sourcing and international trade, he is one of the key persons in B2B online buyer development in Alibaba. Don’t miss this opening keynote presentation as Rex  shares:
-          A flexible company culture: How has Tmall changed its strategy over the past decade to succeed?
-          China smartphone boom: How can you harness the power of mobile to drive revenue and growth?
-          How has identifying Chinese consumer needs helped the company to succeed in such a competitive marketplace?
-          APAC expansion: What advantages do businesses in China have when expanding abroad?
Rex Cheuk, Director Business Development, HK, Macau & SEA at Tmall Global - Alibaba Group

Rex Cheuk

Director Business Development, HK, Macau & SEA
Tmall Global - Alibaba Group

Retail m-commerce sales in China will top US$1.64 trillion by 2020, representing about 23% of total retail sales, eMarketer predicts. The Boston Consulting Group finds that China’s consumers spend almost 30 minutes a day on Alibaba’s Tmall marketplace, three times longer than a US consumer typically spends on Amazon. Huge opportunities await brands prepared to win over Chinese consumer, adapt to local market nuances, and put strategies in place which effectively adjust to a dynamic, mobile-centric, eCommerce environment. But how? Listen to our keynote panel of expert speakers who will share:
-          Your China batting strategy: What are the 5 golden rules for succeeding in the Chinese marketplace?
-          Digital shifting at a blistering pace: How can your business keep up and capitalize?
-          Differentiation: What are the best digital marketing channels you can tap into to help your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
-          Lower prices vs. customer experience – which is more important?
-          Online vs. Offline – which is more important?
Lui Tong, COO China & BD Director at StrawberryNET Cosmetics

Lui Tong

COO China & BD Director
StrawberryNET Cosmetics

Suzan Chen, Commercial Director eCommerce at Under Armour

Suzan Chen

Commercial Director eCommerce
Under Armour

Andrea Mantovani, Head of ECommerce APAC at Moleskine

Andrea Mantovani

Head of ECommerce APAC

Vincenzo Carrieri, Asia Pacific Regional Director at CANALI Far East

Vincenzo Carrieri

Asia Pacific Regional Director

Sree Menon, SVP, Strategy & Global Operations at Tophatter

Sree Menon

SVP, Strategy & Global Operations

9:40 am - 10:00 am Keynote Case Study: Digital growth driven by consumer intelligence and automation engines

Since 2015, China has seen explosive growth in digital media and platforms, coupled with the exploration and “integration" of online, offline and multi-channel commerce. Consumer analytics and understanding have become more fragmented. How brands can understand, nurture and convert customers increasingly depends on intelligence from big retailers or platforms. What is the role for large retail and e-commerce players? What types of intelligence can help to boost growth?, China’s largest retailer and a leader in developing transformative technology and retail infrastructure, will share the latest developments in digital marketing technology, as well as case studies from leading international brands. 
Joey Bian, Head Of Digital Innovation & Business Growth at

Joey Bian

Head Of Digital Innovation & Business Growth

10:00 am - 10:30 am Morning Networking Break 1

The New Retail Age

10:30 am - 10:50 am Keynote: New Retail innovation - How to enable global growth for retailers

Being a C-level retail leader and recognized Omnichannel authority, Dustin is an expert in directing global consumer-centric brand and retail strategies to drive the growth of major retail businesses, brands and partners.  Dustin Jones is a Managing Director with the Fung Retailing Group and leads the Company’s new brand accelerator platform, Asia Retail Catalyst (ARC) which focuses on Smart Retail and O2O services for international brands entering China through all consumer channels. Prior to Fung Retailing, Dustin worked at Macy’s Inc. for over 14 years where his leadership was felt in various capacities.  He was one of the early adopters to Omnichannel and was an instrumental leader in growing to its current size of +$5.0B US Dollars and the 4th largest retail website in the US. Listen to Dustin share his success story on how to enable global growth in the new retail environment.
-          How can you create retail brands to better embrace globalization
-          Taking a new look at supply chain, data and digitization
Dustin Jones, Managing Director, Brand Accelerator at Fung Retailing Group

Dustin Jones

Managing Director, Brand Accelerator
Fung Retailing Group

10:50 am - 11:10 am Keynote Client Case Study: Using hyper personalisation to unlock growth – How to use personalisation strategies across the product page, cart page, and beyond to delight customers and drive more revenue

Personalisation is a touchstone of exceptional customer experiences and is now a modern-day necessity to compete and grow. In this keynote, Dynamic Yield VP Ori Lavie, will talk about the hyper-personalization that is revolutionizing retail and unlocking substantial revenue for retailers who get it right. This discussion will address:
-          Hyper-Personalization and how to do it
-          How to create a culture of testing & experimentation
-          How brands use personalization strategies across the product page, cart page, and beyond to delight customers and drive more revenue
Ori Lavie, VP APAC at Dynamic Yield

Ori Lavie

Dynamic Yield

Nandini Joshi, General Manager at Holland & Barrett

Nandini Joshi

General Manager
Holland & Barrett

Of all the technology initiatives out there, AR, VR and blockchain probably are the most mysterious ones. What's for sure is that they have a huge, yet unexplored, business potential. In this panel, we have the leading industry experts unveiling the potential of what these technologies can do to bring your customer engagement and loyalty to the next level:
-          Why should you embrace blockchain, AR and VR?
-          How can you integrate blockchain, AR and VR into your engagement strategy
-          Can AR replace traditional customer service and other client-facing retail roles?
-          How can blockchain give you a true 360-degree customer view?
-          How can you get your customers to be more emotionally attached to your product through AR and VR?
-          How can you promote multi-sensory learning for easy access to your product information?
-          How can you create captivating imaginative experiences for your customers through AR and VR?
-          How can your help your customers make an educated purchase online without the assistance of a store associate?
Mike Ghasemi, Founder & Chief Analyst at Mike Ghasemi Research

Mike Ghasemi

Founder & Chief Analyst
Mike Ghasemi Research

Dr. Wolfgang Baier, Group CEO at Luxasia

Dr. Wolfgang Baier

Group CEO

Wendy Liu, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Ezbuy Holding Co. & Chief Executive Officer, Ezbuy Singapore at ezbuy

Wendy Liu

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Ezbuy Holding Co. & Chief Executive Officer, Ezbuy Singapore

Joshua Koh, CEO at Commune Lifestyle

Joshua Koh

Commune Lifestyle

Reynold D'Silva, SVP & Head of Data Marketing Innovation at GO- JEK

Reynold D'Silva

SVP & Head of Data Marketing Innovation

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Keynote Client Case Study: Building A Persistent Customer Identity - How to build privacy-safe consumer profiles based on patterns in app usage, behavior, locations, and interests, as they evolve

With consumers expecting individualized interactions and seamless recognition across all points of engagement, retailers struggle to create a consistent view in a fragmented world. Creating a persistent customer identity is crucial to building a holistic view of the consumer and interacting at a level that builds customer loyalty. Creating persistent customer identities is a challenge for many retailers who don’t always have control over information produced at these different interaction points and have a hard time tying these heterogeneous data points together. This session will cover why creating a persistent view of the customer is important, why it can be so difficult and what different strategies retailers can use to begin down this path.
Anindya Datta, CEO at Mobilewalla

Anindya Datta


12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Morning Networking Break 2

The Luxury Brand Guru

12:20 pm - 12:40 pm Keynote: How to build a great brand through a channel strategy to consistently deliver on the brand promise

Ravi Thakran has been working in various leading positions at the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey Group (LVMH) since 2001 and has been the Group Chairman of LVMH South & Southeast Asia, Australia and Middle East since September 2007. LVMH is the world’s largest luxury goods company, with its portfolio of 60-plus elite brands and retailers — including, Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy — and annual revenues of around US$40 billion. He comes with more than 30 years of experience serving c-level roles in some of the biggest companies like Nike, Swath and Tata group.
In this session, Ravi will address:
-          How to determine the extent to which you exploit your brand promise at different brand touchpoints, online and offline
-          How to creating editorial campaigns to showcase a product through an authentic brand voice
-          How to look at channels of native advertising and which can be best to measure your success
-          How to use content for content commerce, including shoppable widgets
-          Analyzing conversion data: the correlation between vanity metrics and brand purchase
Ravi Thakran, Chairman & Managing Partner L Catterton Asia & Group Chairman South Asia, SEA, AU & ME, LVMH at L Catterton Asia \ LVMH

Ravi Thakran

Chairman & Managing Partner L Catterton Asia & Group Chairman South Asia, SEA, AU & ME, LVMH
L Catterton Asia \ LVMH

Big Ideas Keynote

12:40 pm - 1:10 pm Out-of-the-Box Presentation: Harnessing your Entrepreneurial Spirit – How to harness energy and ambition to turn your motivation into a legitimate, thriving retail business

As someone who has built, and continues to build, ‘attacker’ businesses and lead teams from start-up to IPO, Azran Osman Rani passionately believes that organisations and corporations can deploy similar structures, focus and creativity that single-minded entrepreneurs have used to create break-through business models and innovative products and services. Azran has delivered hundreds of presentations, sharing his experiences of being the founding CEO of AirAsia X at the age of 36 and growing the start-up “disruptive innovator” airline to corporations, institutional investors, government agencies, and educational institutions around the world.
Azran Osman-Rani, The Author of Amazon Bestseller at TEDx Speaker, Ex-CEO, iflix & Air Asia X

Azran Osman-Rani

The Author of Amazon Bestseller
TEDx Speaker, Ex-CEO, iflix & Air Asia X

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm Networking Lunch

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm Closed Door VIP Invitation Only Lunch

reserved for commercial partner

Thomas Mathew, Senior Director & Client Partner at Cognizant

Thomas Mathew

Senior Director & Client Partner

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm Closed Door VIP Invitation Only Lunch: Today's State of Marketing - Who's Leading the Pack and How Retailers Refining the Retail Experience

Reserved for SalesForce

Winning the Digital Shelf

Chairman: Amit Bivas, VP Marketing, Optimove

TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

2:10 pm - 2:50 pm Revolution Case Study: How to effectively and efficiently use data to identify patterns and trends to know what your customers need, when they need it
In order to gain an in-depth understanding about the consumer, retailers need to access and analyse all available pertinent information. And while there’s an unprecedented amount of data that retailers collect regarding consumer patterns, the ability to manage and mine information from this data presents an overwhelming challenge. Join this interactive session with Scott Tan from ShopBack, who will demonstrate:

-How to set up the right data infrastructure that enables you to have visibility of your customer’s movement in real time
-How to leverage the most out of retargeting using machine learning
-How to use machine learning to bring sustainable and scalable mass-customization
-Price optimisation – How can machine learning help you in your day-to-day pricing decisions?
-How to  eliminate fraud through machine learning
-How to personalise your reminder emails, promotions, and timing to engage with customers and move them along the sales journey without becoming a nuisance
Scott Tan Thiam Kee, Head CRM at ShopBack

Scott Tan Thiam Kee

Head CRM

TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

2:50 pm - 3:10 pm Presentation: Are you using your data correctly? How to create a personalisation strategy that fully exploits your data
- Do you know who your customers are, what they want, where, when and on what device? How to personalize your website pre-emptively
- How to see your customer’s actions in real time and capture enough data
- Cutting through the noise – how to focus on the key data sources and how to quickly interpret the results
- How to optimise and unify your eCommerce platform to deliver personalised experiences across multiple channels and countries
Johan Antlov, CMO at HappyFresh

Johan Antlov


TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm All Star Panel: Evolving your cross-channel marketing strategy – How can you best identify an attribution model that gives you unique insights into your customer?
The world of digital marketing has caused a major shift in the customer journey. Many of the legacy marketing attribution models are now ill equipped
to accurately measure the new customer journey that has become longer, with many different touch points. In this panel, our speakers will show you how to:
-          How can you create an attribution model that aligns with your business strategy?
-          Is there a one-size-fits-all, gold standard attribution model that you should be using?
-          How can you put together KPIs that define success?
-          Direct, organic, paid advertising and referral – How can you best evaluate various media and touchpoints and assign dollar values to those interactions?
-          How can you properly attribute sales in a world filled with non-linear customer journeys?
-          Data Drive Attribution (DDA) – How can you gain the clearest possible picture of conversion success in your account using DDA?
-          Going beyond last-click and last model attribution – How important is this for your business
Amit Bivas, VP Marketing at Optimove

Amit Bivas

VP Marketing

Li Zhiliang, Head of CRM at ZALORA Group

Li Zhiliang

Head of CRM

Shreyansh Modi, Head of Affiliate Marketing & Alliances at Flipkart

Shreyansh Modi

Head of Affiliate Marketing & Alliances

Jean Thomas, Marketing Director at Redmart

Jean Thomas

Marketing Director

Shanru Lai, Co-Founder at ShopBack

Shanru Lai


Isabella Yuxue Zhou, Head of Marketing at Love Bonito

Isabella Yuxue Zhou

Head of Marketing
Love Bonito

Chairman: Lui Tong, COO China & BD Director, StrawberryNET Cosmetics

TRACK B: eCommerce | Blending Offline and Online

2:10 pm - 2:30 pm Case Study Presentation: Mastering the click and mortar experience – How to engage with your online customers to encourage or entice them to leave the digital space and enter a physical one
As the line between the virtual and real world continues to blur, new possibilities to enhance both will present themselves.  Social games and online content will create new interactive links, with real eCommerce and point-of-sale potential. And, whether or not consumer spending remains relatively restrained, consumers have come to expect more memorable, enjoyable experiences than ever before. Join Komsan from The Mall Group for this interactive session, as he demonstrates:
-          Future stores – How to use transformative technology, site tours, and cutting-edge strategies to take your in-store experience to the next level
-          How to effectively utilise online channels to drive offline purchases and vise versa
-          How to create the teaser experience through mobile apps that drives interest to your store
Community, both online and offline – How to create consumer centric activities to keep shoppers happy and coming back for more
Komsan Kwunchaithunya, Group GM & SVP at The Mall Group & Thai Retailers

Komsan Kwunchaithunya

Group GM & SVP
The Mall Group & Thai Retailers

TRACK B: eCommerce | Blending Offline and Online

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm Presentation: Merging digital with physical experiences – How to seamlessly bring the best of both the online and offline worlds into your store/website
Because eCommerce has become so critical to retailers’ success, brick-and-mortar retailers are challenged to create a seamless shopping experience for customers both online and in-store. When stores unify online and offline retail, they allow shoppers to find what they need and purchase it anytime, anywhere using both digital and in-store tools.
But unification is truly a challenge, and many brick-and-mortar stores have yet to achieve a seamless shopping experience. Our speaker here will show you:
-          How to bridge the gap between online and offline channels to influence and improve the customer journey at each touchpoint
-          How to effectively sync your offline and online inventory
-          How to ensure a good synergy between your online and offline  business models in terms of pricing, range of products, convenience and brand identity
-          Downstream management: How far down do we want the brand presence to be seen with offline retailer partners?
-          How to gain the buy in from your management for increased investment into your online/offline store
Kevin Dechamps, Experience Commerce Specialist at Sitecore

Kevin Dechamps

Experience Commerce Specialist

TRACK B: eCommerce | Blending Offline and Online

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm All Star Panel: Visual merchandising in a digital age – Why is the enormous etail inventory of imagery not enhancing the in-store customer experience?
Given the subsequent growth of visual displays used in e-tail/online visual merchandising, why has this not benefitted the in-store shopping environment to help brands achieve greater customer experience? Why is this enormous etail inventory of imagery not enhancing the in-store customer experience? Is it because the two areas of the business are silo-ed and not collaborating? In this session, our panel of expert speakers will dig deeper into:
-          What are thevisual merchandising best practices that can help your products sell themselves?
-          Given the subsequent growth of visual displays used in e-tail/online visual merchandising, why has this not benefitted the in-store shopping environment to help brands achieve greater CX?
-          How can you align the ‘look book’ visuals of your online store in-store?
-          How can you innovative store design to turn your store into the ultimate, three-dimensional ad?
-          How can you create a multi-sensory branding experience that provides an immersive shopping experiences to your customers?
Nissan Joseph, VP & GM Asia at Crocs

Nissan Joseph

VP & GM Asia

Enrico Baldo, Retail Director APAC at Crocs

Enrico Baldo

Retail Director APAC

Kabir Gossain, GM Retail & Omnichannel at Hindustan Unilever

Kabir Gossain

GM Retail & Omnichannel
Hindustan Unilever

Rakesh Sharma, Business Head for Stores and Omnichannel at METRO Cash & Carry India

Rakesh Sharma

Business Head for Stores and Omnichannel
METRO Cash & Carry India

Clare Chan, Co-founder & MD at Her Velvet Vase

Clare Chan

Co-founder & MD
Her Velvet Vase

TRACK B: eCommerce | Blending Offline and Online

3:20 pm - 3:40 pm All Star Panel: The AI Promise - How artificial intelligence and computer vision are creating new opportunities for automation for retail teams and incredible experiences for consumers
It’s the age of the algorithms - And in their ambition to become “customer-first” brands, retailers are looking at innovative ways to create incredibly memorable shopping experiences. Come join’s talk, The AI Promise, to know why companies are heavily investing in AI in 2019,  how AI can be approachable and of immense value to your business and how it can increase productivity and efficiency across your workflows. Learn what the future of fashion looks like with AI and how you can be part of the change!
Patrick Giusti, Senior VP at

Patrick Giusti

Senior VP

Ankiti Bose, Co-founder & CEO at Zilingo

Ankiti Bose

Co-founder & CEO

Anandamoy Roychowdhary, Director Technology at Sequoia Capital

Anandamoy Roychowdhary

Director Technology
Sequoia Capital

TRACK C: Synergy Workshops | Enabling O2O Transformation

2:10 pm - 3:40 pm Invitation only Workshop: Scaling Brands Globally through Online Marketplaces – Challenges & Opportunities
The global eCommerce market is expected to reach a market value of US$3.4 trillion by 2020 - and roughly 22% of that is expected to come from cross border eCommerce, says DHL’s report* on eCommerce via cross border channels. The growth in online channels across countries brings opportunity for domestic brands and sellers to explore international markets.
Through this workshop, we aim to address the pressing questions in cross border eCommerce and present strategies for success.

-Best fit categories for cross border eCommerce
-Finding the right partners for enabling cross border eCommerce
-Key enablers to build the cross border ecosystem: digital marketing, localized content, website for the country of retail etc.
-Overall strategy to enable cross border eCommerce
-Current challenges faced while selling on marketplaces
-Opportunities for brands on international marketplaces
-Finding the right marketplace for your products
Venkat Nott, Founder & CEO at Vinculum

Venkat Nott

Founder & CEO

TRACK D: Synergy Workshops | Augmented Reality

2:10 pm - 3:40 pm Synergy : Augmented Reality – How to look beyond the borders of your eCommerce operations to drive growth and increase customer engagement
In this closed door high-level interactive session our speaker will cover:
-          How to allow your customers to interact with your product in real time and deliver ‘touch-and-feel’ experience similar to that of in-store shopping
-          How to use augmented reality to reach customers in new ways
-          How can your customers visualize the experience in the entire product life cycle and at their homes through VR?
Sumit Ramchandani, Chief Client Officer, Head of Markets at Lion & Lion

Sumit Ramchandani

Chief Client Officer, Head of Markets
Lion & Lion

3:40 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon Networking Break 1

Winning the Digital Shelf

Chairman: Amit Bivas, VP Marketing, Optimove

TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

4:00 pm - 4:40 pm All-Star Panel: How can you combine artificial intelligence with data from multiple sources to predict the likelihood that a customer will achieve a specific milestone within their journey?
Big Data and AI are changing the world pretty fast, making it easier for online stores to be successful and useful. According to futurists, this technology is surely going to reshape the eCommerce industry. The journey seems to be a long one, particularly for small eCommerce businesses who have to think twice before making such a massive investment, but failing to use big data and AI may put retailers at a significant disadvantage compared to competitors. In this panel, our speakers will show you how to:
-          Gaining real-time visualisation of digital behavior – How can you identify customer pain points quickly to convert any engagement into a positive experience and increase lifetime customer value?
-          How can you collect the right data and strengthen your customer relationships through AI?
-          How can you identify and engage with prospects and customers at the right time and on the best channel (automated or assisted) before they contact you?
-          How can you apply the right resources to the most important customer needs at the right time during the customer journey?
Jane Leong, Head of Data at Love, Bonito

Jane Leong

Head of Data
Love, Bonito

Michael Yin, Founder & CEO at Deja Fashion

Michael Yin

Founder & CEO
Deja Fashion

Mahip Dwivedi, Head of Mobile Marketing at Flipkart

Mahip Dwivedi

Head of Mobile Marketing

Dong Hyun Kim, eAPAC eBusiness Leader at Procter & Gamble

Dong Hyun Kim

eAPAC eBusiness Leader
Procter & Gamble

Charles Ng, VP Enterprise Artificial Intelligence at Appier

Charles Ng

VP Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

4:40 pm - 5:00 pm Presentation: How to bridge the offline to online gap, and deliver a targeted, compelling customer experience
Come see how brands and retailers are opening a direct and emotive channel to customers, launching pre- and post-sale micro-moments that drive acquisition, repeat purchases and boost brand loyalty.  This simple tap of a smartphone is well beyond traditional approaches because of ease of use to create multi-tap capability and personalization, as well as rich new data and analytics.
This solution also provides powerful brand protection capabilities, leveraging customer engagement for diversion (grey market) alerts, and much deeper supply chain intelligence and insights.
Darryl Dickens, Senior Director at thinfilm Electronics

Darryl Dickens

Senior Director
thinfilm Electronics

TRACK A: Digital Marketing | Achieving a 360-Degree Customer View

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Case Study Presentation: Big data, the Big lie - How MNC's can benefit from SME's strategies
What if you don't have enough information to create big data modelling? what if it dosen't matter?
Hear from Miguel CEO of ZOOMOOV a household name in the kids entertainment industry and expanding into 5 countries with over 50 outlets. He will demonstrate how they have managed to gain 250,000 members through their membership platform and how to leverage on the limited data an SME can gather:

- How data helps understand customers and give them what they want, so we you focus on what they will want
- How a brick and mortar SME can build one of the fastest growing data base of young families in SEA?
- How to obtain and analyse data which is actionable and impacts your bottom line
- How to ask the right questions to convert customers into members
- How can AI audience analysis help you improve your messaging, segment your target audience, and create engaging brand interactions?
Miguel Pereira, CEO at Zoomoov

Miguel Pereira


Chairman: Lui Tong, COO China & BD Director, StrawberryNET Cosmetics

TRACK B: eCommerce Optimising | CX Online and In-store

4:00 pm - 4:40 pm Revolution Case Study: The art of conversational commerce – How to use bots to enable transactions, handle payments, ensure delivery and provide a superior customer service
Amit Mangwani is the director of retail marketing for Intel, responsible for APJ Retail marketing strategy with all formats of retail - online & brick & mortar. He focuses on driving innovative marketing, adopting latest technologies to drive consumer experiences & driving preference for Intel’s brand & visibility through retail partners across APJ.
Although still relatively new to the scene, conversational commerce is bringing marketers and consumers closer together by bridging the communication gap between a brand and its customers. In this interactive session,  Amit  will address:
-          A new era of simple shopping – How to use voice activated technology to charm your customers, encourage more engagement and build brand loyalty across channels
-          How to fit this into your current framework and integrate it with existing physical stores for a seamless booking experience
-          How to take channel transparency to the next level and allow your users to converse in their platform of choice
-          How to give your customers reassurance that their privacy is protected during engagement on third party bot conversations
Amit Mangwani, Director of Retail Marketing at Intel

Amit Mangwani

Director of Retail Marketing

TRACK B: eCommerce Optimising | CX Online and In-store

4:40 pm - 5:00 pm Case Study Presentation: The dark side of digital shopping – How to tweak your fraud prevention systems to approve more orders
Retail eCommerce sales are booming worldwide and within 2 years the global eCommerce sales will reach $5T.
Online merchants are aware of fraud and invest a lot to prevent it. The cost of fraud is estimated to be up to 3% of a company's revenue, but most of these companies are not aware of the fact that up to 30% of their sales volume is considered lost revenue due to "fear of fraud" - good orders from legitimate customers that are falsely declined or bank payment declines.
In this session, our speaker from Riskified  will present case studies to show new online purchasing behaviours that retailers should know in order to tweak your fraud prevention systems and approve more orders.
Eric Kansky, Director of Business Development, APAC at Riskified

Eric Kansky

Director of Business Development, APAC

TRACK B: eCommerce Optimising | CX Online and In-store

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Case Study Presentation: Future retail innovations and the new rules for your business
Conrad is a well-rounded marketing and business development leader with more than 15 years of regional experience in B2B C-level consultative sales, channel program management, data-driven marketing that includes lead generation to new business acquisition.
In this session Conrad will highlight some of the key retail innovations and technologies to keep mind of.
Conrad Mendoza, Regional Marketing & Business Development Lead at HP

Conrad Mendoza

Regional Marketing & Business Development Lead

TRACK C: Design Thinking Workshop

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm B2C Design Thinking Workshop: Experience how design thinking can help your organisation’s digital innovation efforts across three main challenging areas: People, processes and technology
This 90-minute hands-on workshop takes you through a simulated industry scenario, followed by an exercise that allows you to deep dive into typical challenges that companies face. You will learn three straightforward techniques that you can immediately apply to various difficulties that your organisation faces, and learn about additional options to create a digital innovation roadmap.
Jon Hoel will facilitate this session from Innovator SG. Jon is an expert in Design Thinking and Digital Transformation who has architected and facilitated transformation programs for top MNCs across Asia for the past 12 years. Jon also facilitated Action Plan Singapore 2026 with the National University of Singapore.
Jon Hoel, Managing Director at Innovator SG

Jon Hoel

Managing Director
Innovator SG

TRACK D: Synergy Workshops | Augmented Reality

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Synergy Workshop: Women in eTail networking – How can the eCommerce industry attract top female talent and ensure that they rise quickly within their organisation to reach senior leadership roles?
Okay ladies, let’s get information!
Focused on both personal and business development, this workshop offers you the opportunity to share best practices, discuss industry issues and find inspiration on
how to conquer challenges in your professional life.
Join  the speaker here to listen and be inspired by an accomplished group of fierce femmes; then, cultivate new friendships and discuss the issues during a 90 minute deep-dive discussion.
Sree Menon, SVP, Strategy & Global Operations at Tophatter

Sree Menon

SVP, Strategy & Global Operations

5:30 pm - 5:50 pm Afternoon Networking Break 2

Reaching The Unreachable

5:50 pm - 6:05 pm Case Study Presentation: Tackling last mile challenges in food delivery - How to cope with the increased demand while ensuring the highest standards are met to ensure foods are safe for your consumers

Saad is responsible for leading partnership strategy and building scalable partnership structures for Grab’s online food delivery business across Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Grab, Saad was the Head of Business Development for Uber in Southeast Asia, as well as India. As one of the first employees of Uber in the Asia Pacific region, Saad has led several strategic deals and projects to scale Uber's business in the region.
With  over 13 years of experience across management consulting, corporate strategy, sales and business development, listen to Saad examining some of the key challenges in the food delivery industry:
-          What parameters should be considered while deciding the last-mile logistics model?
-          Tackling quality lapses: How to maintain the consistency in food quality similar to restaurant standards
-          How can operations and logistics handle the huge volume without interrupting the service to walk-in customers?
Saad Ahmed, Head of Partnerships at GrabFood

Saad Ahmed

Head of Partnerships

6:05 pm - 6:20 pm Keynote Case Study: Retail reimagined - Personalising brand experiences for millennials via the integration of neuroscience, data & technology

Andrew currently oversees all the shopping centre marketing strategies and initiatives for IKEA Southeast Asia. He has more than 15 years’ experience across both the client and agency spectrum, handling brands as diverse as IBM, Pantene, KFC, Uniqlo, SK-II, BMW, Microsoft and Disney both locally and regionally in Malaysia and Australia. In this session, Andrew will address:
-          How to focus on future buyers without alienating current customers
-          Cultivating a younger audience: How to use platforms to show products that fit into their lifestyle
-          Working with a millennial ambassador: letting them take control to push content on their terms, and the challenges that come with it
-          How to measure the return on influence…and turning that into sales
Andrew Yeoh, Regional Head of Marketing, SEA & MY at IKEA

Andrew Yeoh

Regional Head of Marketing, SEA & MY

6:20 pm - 6:35 pm Case Study Presentation: How Friesland Campina successfully connects to and engages with 1.3 million consumers in the Netherlands

Luc comes with more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing, CRM, digital innovation and eCommerce. Having recently moved to Singapore from Netherlands, he has the mission to grow the eCommerce business for the brands Friso and Dutch Lady in Asia Pacific. He was previously responsible for the innovation strategy of Eurosparen (1.3 million members), the largest digital FMCG owned media platform in the Netherlands which won the “Best Loyalty Program of the Year Award – Food Retail”. During his case study presentation, Luc will share the success story of how their eCommerce Platform managed to successfully connect to and engage with 1.3 million consumers. - How did Eurosparen transform from a simple savings scheme to a complete digital experience platform with more than 1.2 million members? - Eurosparen program – How did they manage to reduce churn and get more connected consumers through this program
Luc Wong Lun Hing, Head of E-commerce at Royal Friesland Campina

Luc Wong Lun Hing

Head of E-commerce
Royal Friesland Campina

5:50 pm - 6:35 pm Creative Boardroom: Best practices for selling on Amazon, Alibaba and other marketplaces – The most valuable session of your conference or drinks on me

Champagne C-Suite retreat (invitation only, retailer only)
Engage in this closed door invite only C-Suite retreat, where you get a chance to exercise your minds and uncover and discuss the best practices for selling on marketplaces to increase revenues, awareness and expand your cross border strategy.
Ajay comes with over 15 years of strong APAC wide experience. And as the Regional eCommerce Director of Lenovo, he is responsible for the online P&L, Go-to-Market & e-Business ownership across Asia-pacific, Middle east, Russia and African regions. Join Ajay in this interactive workshop as he unveils the best strategies for selling on these dominant marketplaces.
Get an “outside-in” unique point of view to discover diverse thinking that can transform your mindset—for both you and your business.
-          Integrating ERP systems into marketplaces— how to examine a phased approach for each marketplace your business is engaged with
-          Competing within marketplaces: enhancing your product rank through advertising
-          How to “sell off” excess inventory without ruining brand image
-          Driving traffic to your brand site without any friction
-          Figuring out what effects marketplaces are having on eCommerce, positively and negatively
Nissan Joseph, VP & GM Asia at Crocs

Nissan Joseph

VP & GM Asia

Enrico Baldo, Retail Director APAC at Crocs

Enrico Baldo

Retail Director APAC

6:35 pm - 6:40 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

6:40 pm - 7:40 pm Carnival Networking Drinks Reception