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18 - 20 May, 2021

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The State of eCommerce and Digital Marketing in Retail in 2020

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major contributor to changes in customer behaviour and expectations, within the omni-channel retail landscape. As retail organisations continue to adapt to the activities and expectations of omni-channel consumers, they are putting their emphasis on new and emerging data-driven technologies, to build more contextualised customer experiences. In this eTail 2020 post summit report, gain insights from top minds in the retail industry to provide consumers with a more immersive ecommerce experience. 

The Growth of eCommerce Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

APAC is an extremely diverse and fragmented market. Trends for each country or area within the region are shaped by the local markets, but when it comes to the rise of digital commerce, eCommerce, and the displacement of cash, we’re seeing some extraordinary growth. This growth is opening up huge opportunities for eCommerce marketplaces, service platforms, and merchants to quickly expand their geographic reach and achieve the next level of breakthrough business growth. Download this report by Payoneer to find out how the pandemic has driven a new baseline and growth trajectory for eCommerce.

Global Social Media Advertising Trends Among Retailers

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers shifted rapidly to digital channels as brick and mortar stores closed their doors for safety purposes. This signaled a massive deployment of digital assets by retail companies, including spending on advertising. and eTail launched a study to determine how retail organizations were spending their marketing dollars on social media advertising. In this report, we explore how retail brands are adapting to disruption and changing consumer habits in the next year.

Fueling Agility with Orchestration

Business everywhere remains vulnerable to the constant flux of re-openings and closings around the world. To make swift, informed decisions and strategic pivots, cross-border businesses need to analyze the data and lessons of 2020.  Gain insights with this dataguided overview by Payoneer on how merchants can use orchestration during this “new normal”. By looking at Payoneer's early COVID-19 transaction data from 2019-2020, as they reveal both trends for opportunity and challenges that must be urgently addressed.

The Implications Of Today's Economic And Political Climate

The effects of Coronavirus on the global economy have been substantial. Its spread has left businesses counting costs. But what does a world post-coronavirus look like -- and how should businesses be preparing? As we emerge in 2021, the world will keep going digital at an increasing rate. Communication barriers are low now and will fall further, commerce has gone digital and will go increasing cashless, and money is moving faster than ever before. In this latest report with Rapyd, we discuss how businesses can welcome new avenues for consumers under the restrictions and financial constraints of lockdown.  

Enabling Successful Direct-To-Consumers

As COVID-19 continues to roil economies and public health systems around the world, businesses in the hardest-hit sectors are scrambling to stay afloat. One of them is the retail industry, which is grappling with the effects of fluid government regulations around movement and retail activities. Find out how you can bridge the gap with consumers, and best practices that businesses can adopt to enhance their agility and better position themselves for the road ahead in our latest report together with SAP.

How Retail and eCommerce Brands Are Innovating for Success in a Global Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers have witnessed a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. Adapting to this change has been one of the major challenges retailers have had to overcome in 2020. Some challenges they have faced include disruption to the supply chain and the economic hardship of government-imposed lockdowns, causing many well-loved brands across the globe to file for bankruptcy and countless people to lose their jobsThe report aims to gain a greater understanding of how the overarching marketing tactics and strategies are shaping results from upper-funnel brand awareness to lower-funnel performance and conversion metrics within their organizations.

Transform Your Online CX With These Three New Retail Technologies

Advances in video, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technology are now setting the stage for online retailers to create an engaging, interactive and social CX that will redefine expectations of online retailers. Together with Vonage we bring you this follow up report that dives into what these developments are, contextualising them with current consumer behavioural insights.

The Future of Retail: Navigating Retail in Unprecedented Times

Download the Executive Summary from the Salesforce x WBR Insights Asia eTail Webinar to find out the speed in which you need to pivot to digital.

WBR Asia Insights Media Kit

Download the WBR Asia Insights Media kit to understand our wide range of portfolio to help you find the best options for your sales team the second half of 2020. 

Link real-world sales to your digital advertising with Gojek and The Trade Desk

All advertisers want to know if their digital campaigns are driving results. TradeDesk is expanding those capabilities in southeast Asia with a partnership with Gojek, the region’s leading mobile on-demand services and payments platform. With Gojek’s online to offline (O2O) sales measurement solution, you can easily measure the real-world impact of your digital campaigns by linking transactions made through Gojek’s app with exposure top online ads that run on the open internet through The Trade Desk. Find out more in this brief.

Case study: OMD and McDonald’s drive offline sales during Lunar New Year with Gojek and The Trade Desk

It’s easy for digital marketers to measure the impact of their advertising on online consumer behavior. But agencies like OMD know that driving in-store sales is about more than counting clicks. Download this case study to find out how the OMD Macdonalds team drove purchases with advanced targeting and optimization.

Take advantage of free e-commerce attribution measurement with ZALORA and The Trade Desk

Brands can now directly attribute their ZALORA online sales to ad campaigns run on The Trade Desk. The best part? The ZALORA integration is free for all of our clients.

The Woman Behind Tophatter

As part of our #IWD initiative, we spoke to the amazing women leaders behind the biggest brands in digital retail to find out what motivates them every day, how they succeed in bringing value to their company, and how they are helping women like them do the same.In this short interview, we spoke to Helena Zhang, the Head of China at Tophatter.

The Woman Behind Montblanc

As part of our #IWD initiative, we spoke to the amazing women leaders behind the biggest brands in digital retail to find out what motivates them every day, how they succeed in bringing value to their company, and how they are helping women like them do the same. In this short interview, we spoke to Maria Graefin von Scheel-Plessen, who is the Global Head of Media & Advertising at Montblanc.

eTail Asia Profiling Report 2020

Download eTail Asia's 2020 Profiling Report to discover what the key industry players are planning over the short to mid-term, as we have compiled the findings from our latest survey conducted with the attendees of eTail Asia 2020.The following graphs provide insights into some of the key challenges, the hottest topics and investment priorities for some of the biggest companies operating across the globe.

eTail Asia 2020 Event Brochure

Find out what eTail Asia 2020 is all about, benefits of attending, and meet the digital retail experts coming to the Equarius Hotel Resorts World Sentosa.

Digital Transformation In Luxury Retail

While luxury retail will see continued growth for online sales and in-store sales influenced by digital touch points, many luxury brands still face an uphill struggle when it comes to developing their digital capabilities and customer experiences. Can luxury retailers properly implement digital experiences that has historically been applicable to low to mid-range goods and audiences?

eTail Survival Guide 2020

Stay on top of the game by understanding the tools that help Asia's retailers succeed. Download the Asian Retail Market Survival Guide today!

Winning at Cross-Border eCommerce

For the preparation of this report, we interviewed business heads, strategy owners, top level executives and decision makers working with brands, marketplaces and retailers. Their insights have been combined with our own research to identify opportunities available to brands to reach customers globally. The report also highlights current and future trends for growth, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region and the challenges involved in making this happen.

Real-world intelligence: Mapping human behaviour to effective mobile marketing

Mobile phones are a ubiquitous touchpoint which we interact with hundreds of times a day, and with each interaction we add more complexity to our digital footprint of purchase and personal history. If marketers are smart, they can utilise these clues as indicators for predicting patterns, and in turn exploit these trends to present customers with the right message at the right time, in the right place. 

Whitepaper: Big Data

Singapore Institute or Retailers' Head of Digital Commerce & National eCommerce Standard Working Committee,David A Lee sheds light on the Big Data bang that's radically transforming the retail space.

eTail Asia 2021 Attendee List

This interactive forward-thinking forum is dedicated to topics surrounding the omni-channel experience, mobile technology, driving revenue and growth, data analytics, the customer journey, customer experience and provides you with the opportunity to benchmark, share ideas, find solutions for your business and build lasting relationships. Get an idea of who's you'll get to meet by downloading the attendee list.

eTail Innovation Briefing

Download the eTail Innovation Briefing today!

Full Transcript: Fireside chat with Commune CEO, Joshua Koh

We sat with Joshua Koh, CEO of Commune Lifestyle - a home-grown furniture design and lifestyle company that crafts high quality artisanal works for the design savvy - to find out more about the company and how it successfully implemented VR into the business. Here's what we found out.

Asia's Evolving eCommerce Market

Modern consumers demand more from brands than ever before.They expect personalised messaging and offers, and want to buy from brands that align with their unique personalities and value sets.

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