eTail Asia 2019

05 - 07 March, 2019

Sheraton Towers Singapore

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Andrew Hong San Djie

Country Director
Schnellmedia Asia & Committee Thai e-commerce Association

3:10 PM Synergy Workshop: Unlocking Southeast Asia’s $200B digital opportunity – Where to start and how to guarantee long term success in this young and diverse marketplace

Join Mike Ghasemi and  David Westhead for this deep-dive workshop on the SE Asian marketplace."3.8 million new users will come online each month in Southeast Asia, making it the fastest growing internet region in the world between 2015 and 2020." The internet economy in Southeast Asia is bound to see exponential growth. But just how large is it forecasted to be?

Mike is one of APAC’s most respected retail and hospitality industry futurists, analyzing trends and the use of emerging technologies to digitally transform organizations. 

During this 90 minute deep-dive workshop Mike will talk you through:

-What are the prominent challenges to the development of eCommerce for retailers in SEA?
-With a population half the size of China, how can you prosper in this $88 billion market?
-How have the eCommerce giants Alibaba, Amazon and eBay shaken up the Southeast Asian eCommerce landscape?
-How critical it is for the South East Asian companies to transform in this space in the next coming years?
-Consumer preferences: How can you access the different consumer behaviours across the regions to craft an eCommerce strategy specific to each markets?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andrew Hong.

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