eTail Asia 2021

18 - 20 May, 2021

Online (SGT)

eTail has partnered with Power Retail and we’re delighted to be able to offer you an exclusive Membership discount on the ultimate source of data and insights for the Australian online retail industry - Power Retail’s Switched ON.

Get unlimited access to the latest Retailer Data, Australian Research on hot retail topics, Shopper Data on key retail audiences and E-Commerce Learning Resources. You won’t be able to access this information anywhere else and it will give you an invaluable opportunity to identify key trends, insights and uncover who you should be speaking to in the fast growing Australian eTail marketplace. A fantastic time saving opportunity to accelerate your eCommerce business.

About Power Retail

For more than a decade, Power Retail has been the number one News, Insights and Content destination for Australian e-commerce professionals.

Via our website,, Power Retail offers retailers everything they need to know to succeed in e-commerce.

What is Power Retail Switched ON?

Power Retail’s paid subscription service is called Switched ON and is the ultimate asset for retailers and online industry suppliers.

Members have unlimited access to a huge range of content, updated fortnightly, all of which is downloadable as PDFs, 24/7. More detail on reverse side.

The offer for eTail clients

Prospective clients just choose a Sponsor / Delegate Package that includes ‘Switched ON Data & Insights Annual Membership’. Once this is confirmed, eTail will share the client’s details with Power Retail.

Clients will then receive an eDM from Power Retail to their supplied email address, subject line ‘Welcome to Switched ON!’ which will include a link which provides access.

Payment will be incorporated into their sponsorship or delegate package fee – there is nothing else to sign, pay or agree to.

Members will save AUD$100 on the retail price through their association with eTail (normally AUD$1299 PA).

Members will have the option to continue with Switched ON or let it lapse after 12 months. There is no obligation to continue.

Any issues with access, technical queries or anything else, eTail clients can email:

About Switched On Content

Australian Retail Insights

Power Retail market research covers a broad range of key topics impacting online retail in Australia.

Based on interviews with our panel of more than 1 million Australian shoppers and 12,500 retailers and industry suppliers, our monthly Reports provide the insights you need to drive e-commerce growth and profit.

Retailer Performance Data

The Retailer Performance Rankings were developed by Power Retail to assess the performance of Aussie online retailers based on more than 30 metrics.

More than 400 Australian retailers are ranked using Power Retail’s proprietary ranking methodology.

Shopper Data Reports

Shopper Data Reports are based on more than 30,000 shopper interviews completed by Power Retail in 2019 alone.

Each Report includes more than 70 pages of key insights into key online retail audiences – what they think, want and hate!

Learning Resources

After more than a decade as a thought leader in Australian online retailing, Power Retail has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our Learning Resources include more than 50 Whitepapers, Special Repots, E-Commerce Books, Website Best Practice Guides and Tip Sheets.

Questions about Switched ON?

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